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Chat in real time over the local area network
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Send and receive instant messages or share files with the people who are connected to the same local network as you. Additional features include the ability to configure auto-reply messages, the capability to set alarms for specific tasks or meetings the possibility to automatically change the tool's address.

The program LAN Chat Enterprise(LCE) is designed to support exchanging messages in the regime of real time in a small office, in an educational institution
LCE provides following options:
Auto reply. If you are very busy and have no possibility to reply of it you are just temporarily away from your computer, you have the option of leaving messages for users. Anyone who will try to send you a message, will receive your auto reply;
Alarm. If you have some important thing to do and you are afraid you can forget about it, you can use the built-in alarm function. At a defined moment of time the program will send you or any other user the previously prepared message. It can be a sound message, then it would be automatically reproduced by standard means.
The regime of readdressing. If you are temporarily using somebody else's computer, all the incoming messages will be readdressed to the net address you will have defined.
"Black list". The option is designed to filter out messages from unwanted net addresses.
Monitoring the contents of a folder. Sometimes there is a necessity to monitor changes in computer folders. LCE will inform you about new files in the monitored folder, about changes in the files of the folder, etc.
Sound message. There is a possibility to send not only a text message, but also a sound message or even a video message. The message will be automatically reproduced on your addressee's computer.
Sending a file or a group of files. It is very simple. Choose the addresses, and with the mouse drag a file to the form of LAN Chat E n t e r p r i s e, and the file will be sent to the desktop of the addressee.
Distant computer control system. If you want, the program provides operating certain commands on a distant computer. For example, you can switch on or reset a distant computer, search a required file and send it to your computer or you can even get a view of the desktop of a distant computer.

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